The film is based on a research for the Doctoral Thesis: "Fluxus. Kunst gleich Leben? Mythen um Autorschaft, Produktion, Geschlecht und Gemeinschaft"
by Dorothee Richter. (You can buy the book at Amazon.)

Flux Us Now
A research based film by Dorothee Richter and Ronald Kolb
Research by Dorothee Richter
Art Direction by Ronald Kolb
Editing: Ronald Kolb and Dorothee Richter
Camera: Kurt Reinhard, Christoph Schreiber
Photography: Christoph Schreiber and Jurek Baumann
Music: Leo Merz, Dennis Knopf
Postproduction and mixing: Robert Kaiser
Editing in the studio of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart e.V.

© Dorothee Richter, Ronald Kolb, Stuttgart, 2013

We would very much like to thank all the artists and interview partners, who were so kind, to let us in their homes and share their thoughts.

We would also like to thank Jonas Mekas for giving us permission
to use his film material.

We extend our gratitude to Helmut Draxler and Alice Koegel for their input,
to Michael Birchall and Irmela Nothdurft for their help.

We are grateful to Künstlerhaus Stuttgart e.V. for giving us the space and equipment to work on this film, for a very long time.

We are thankful to our supporters:

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts Department of Cultural Analysis
Z+, Plattform für disziplinen-übergreifende Aktivitäten Cabaret Voltaire